Monday, December 6, 2010

New Look to Crop Across Canada

It's been a long time in the works, but there's a new look and feel to the Crop Across Canada web-site! The changes include a new section for "Scrapbook-Friendly Facilities", along with some design changes in the hopes of making it a little easier to navigate through the site. Another significant change is behind the scenes, with a conversion of all events to a database. While visitors to Crop Across Canada won't necessarily see much of a difference, the database working in the background will allow for events to be listed and/or changed much more quickly, with the result being much more relevant information.

There are still a few minor tweeks, adjustments and updates to be done over the next few days on the events and stores, so I appreciate your patience as we work through these.

Thanks for your continued support of the web-site. Our goal is to continue to make Crop Across Canada a good Canadian resource for scrapbookers who like to shop and crop!


Anonymous said...

Love it! Thanks for being a great resource!

Anonymous said...

Great idea. Sounds like fun! Thanks for the tips.