Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Crop Across Canada Success Story!

I received a great email the other day from Bonnie, who recently organized a scrapbook fundraiser in High Level, Alberta. I was really pleased to get such great feedback! It reinforced my belief that the scrapbooking community is a fantastic community to be involved in. Not only do we have a chance to create a variety of special projects, our hobby also gives us the opportunity to connect with some wonderful and caring people. This is her story:
"There was a nice lady that read your website, from Edson, and contacted me to join us way up here in Northern Alberta to join our fundraising efforts. Our event was a success, to say the least, but the reward for many of us, was the new friend we made with the lady from Edson. Jessie runs an online store named Funked Up Crafts (www.funkedupcrafts.com). She was so generous, and an absolute joy to have at the event! She got right involved to help make it one of our best!

We owe this new relationship to Crop Across Canada! Without your information resource, we would never have met! Thank you so much for helping us all to connect across the miles!"
Thanks for sharing your story Bonnie!

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